Infusion set


Single-use infusion set with intravenous needle by gravity mechanism
Technical specification:
Quantitative drop analysis: 20 drops = 1ml
Achieve the targets on the physical, chemical and biological standards according to ISO 8536-4: 2007€
Intravenous Needle: made of stainless steel accordance the standard ISO 7864:1993 (E) (E) and ISO 9626: 1991. Scalp vein set needle appropriate communi- cation standard Australian / New Zealand AS / NZS 2485: 1995
Sterilization: Meets ISO 11,138 to 1: 2006 and ISO 11,138-2: 2006
Packing: Packed in PE bag achieve ISO 11607:1997 (E) 500 infusion sets in Carton


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