Insulin U100 syringe


Insulin U-100 syringe is manufactured on equipment and technology of Japan, sterilized by E.O gas, sterile, non-toxic, no fever
Technical specification:
Syringe reached the required on the physical, chemical and biological ISO 8537:2007 (E)
Syringe needle inserted pliers: made of stainless steel, suitable properties of a material according to ISO 7864:1993 (E) and ISO 9626:1991
Sterilized by E.O gas: achieving ISO 11138-1:2006 (E) and ISO 11138-2:2006 (E)
Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2008 và 13485:2012
Shelf life: 3 years
Packaging: accordance with the requirements of ISO 11607:1997
Packing type: 100 syringesin a box of Chipbox, 24 Chipbox boxes in a carton
Product labels: information on the appropriate product standards BSEN 1041:1998 and NS-EN 980:2003